Standard ERP System Usage Audit

Use Better What You Already Have

Eberstein Business Solutions, HansaWorld certified partner, performs quick Standard ERP system audit that helps customers use tools, settings and functions of the software in a more efficient way and perform daily tasks quicker.

Why it's useful:

Standard ERP is a complex software that constantly gets new updates and features which give users more advanced ways to work. We know, that in your daily busy life it’s hard to follow up all the news, besides, people change, tasks change and business requirements change every day.

That is why we offer 4 hour individual system usage audit to help you quickly grasp all the best things from Standard ERP, boost your efficiency and gain new business management tools.

Standard ERP System Audit

2 hours off-site:

  • system setting check-up of all your Standard ERP modules;
  • your system data check-up;
  • preparing a list of recommendations for each module, with comments and explanations on how to use it and how it will improve your system usage.

2 hours on-site:

  •  explaining and training how each recommendation works on your Standard ERP system and how you can benefit if you implement and start using it.

You Will Receive:

  • You will get a list of recommendations in each Standard ERP module you use on how to work more efficient;
  • You will get 2 hours training on each recommendation to understand how it works and why it is useful;
  • You will be able to implement most of the recommendations  yourself. More complicated functions – with the help of consultant;
  • You will be able to work more efficiently and gain new business control tools.

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