Pro-bono projects:

BA School of Business and Finance. Latvia.

BA School of Business and Finance offers accredited higher education study programmes of all levels. Martins Ebersteins, Eberstein Business Solutions SEO, is reading the lectures course “Management Systems” for students of Business Management programme. The course objective is to give students knowledge and competences about different business management IT systems, their importance and ways to choose the right one for ones business.

Eberstein at KTU

Kaunas University of Technology. KTU. Lithuania.

Starting form March 2019th Kaunas University of Technology will teach students  of  “Accounting and Auditing” programme practical accounting using world-class accounting software Standard ERP. Eberstein Business Solutions has trained lecturers and configured the software for the purposes of training process. Collaboration continues in regular workshops, lecturers support as well as reading guest lectures for the students.

Eberstein at JAL

Junior Achivement. Latvia & Lithuania.

World’s largest youth-serving NGOs, JA prepares young people for employment and entrepreneurship. Eberstein Business Solutions is building a Website for JAL and Web portal that automates communication between pupils and teachers, simplifies registration and automates administration process of  different training programs. Eberstein Business Solutions also implements Standard ERP management and accounting software for JAL internal administrative needs.