Automate Payrol & HRM

Manage your human resources and advanced payroll calculations, payroll tax, bonuses, absences and vacations all in one application. Fully integrated with your core Standard ERP finance system!

  • Automated document creation and management for HRM.
  • Easy to use interface for extensive data entry.
  • Automated vacation days calculation.
  • Compatible with local tax law.
  • Keeps track of what is paid and what is open.
accounting bureau software

MONEO is an advanced solution for Human Resource Management and Payroll calculation that is fully integrated with Standard ERP accounting and payment system so you will never loose your data and make less mistakes.

MONEO takes care of accurate payroll and leave time calculation, automatically keeping all necessary personnel records. Tax rates and calculation formulas are easy to change even for a non-advanced system user, thus it is easy to set-up and start working fast.

MONEO has a built in HRM document management system. It creates all necessary employment records and documents automatically, stores record history and follows documents’ due dates. Templates are created in Word application and it is so easy for you to make any changes.

Just save your employee record and print the contract, job description and orders with one click straight from MONEO.

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