International HansaWorld Partner Conference, Stresa, 2016.

Eberstein Business Solutions took place in HansaWorld International Partner Conference that was held in Stresa, Italy. The conference was dedicated to latest Standard ERP 8.2 software version release, as well as sharing experience and knowledge and networking between HansaWorld partners from around the world.

The event topics covered the overview of software new features, business strategies, market overview and channel strategy, as well as very important partners’ presentations, sharing knowledge about different services and solutions.

“New acquaintances with HansaWorld employees and partners gave a slightly different view on the daily work and provided lots of new and interesting knowledge and most importantly – inspired and increased the curiosity for learning more about HansaWorld and its products. All in all, I had a great and meaningful time in Italy and am looking forward to future conferences,” – explains Aiste Pranyte, Eberstein Business Solutions consultant.