HansaWorld partner conference in Riga

HansaWorld Partner conference in Riga

Eberstein Business Solutions has participated in annual HansaWorld Partner conference, that was held in Riga. The conference included networking events, presentations and collaboration sessions.

“We participate to gain insights and vision of HansaWorld strategy and product developments. It is important for us to stay on the track of all of the changes within HansaWorld and also get new information about market trends, strategic updates, insights on competitors and news in the product line.

Another great advantage of this conference is the new acquaintances that I met during the conference. I feel much more confident while communicating with different people in HansaWorld and I also got much clearer picture of the whole organisational structure.

HansaWorld strategy is based on further investments in product development, especially POS, Web Shop and Cloud solutions for Standard ERP by HansaWorld.

I am glad that I have participated in such event, where I was surrounded by so many intelligent people, true professionals in their area,” – P. Juodis explains.