HansaWorld partner conference Gotland

Being a part of something bigger – International HansaWorld Partner Conference

Eberstein Business Solutions took place in HansaWorld International Partners Conference in Gotland, Sweden. The conference brought together HansaWorld partners form around the world. This is a key place for networking, experience sharing, learning new things and getting energy and ideas for better customer solutions.

The conference covered such topics as HansaWorld’s stategic plans, global market trends, current market environment and product development roadmap.

“As a consultant, I had an invaluable experience throughout the whole conference. Being around highly competent people from all around the world (both HansaWorld and other partners) enriched my knowledge about the product, practices applied elsewhere and immensely important contacts from lots of different countries and regions. HansaWorld CEO Karl Bohlin brought energy to focus on main challenges and expand software development possibilities.  The conference was a great place to share our business practices and build stronger network of partners around the world.” – claims Eberstein Business Solutions consultant P. Juodis.

As for informal part of the conference, the partners could look from the inside to HansaWorld’s kitchen, quite literally – by cooking dinner for conference participants in teams. “It was a crazy experience for me, as I have never cooked for so many people before. However, having a great leader and very responsive team made the whole work especially fun and satisfying. I am confident that we were able to surprise even the most choosy gourmands.” – says consultant P. Juodis.