Nepriklausomo audito apskaita, UAB

“We are a bookkeeping bureau. We administer bookkeeping for companies of any size and any activity. Our company constantly invests in its quality. We apply the acquired knowledge and experience for effectively solving issues, related with accounting, taxes and finance planning that emerges in clients’ business. The goal of our company is to not only qualitatively, in timely manner and faultlessly account taxes, submit declarations but also to quickly perform analyzes required by managers for decision-making.

Therefore, we took great responsibility in choosing partners that would help us manage the goals and requirements we have set up for ourselves. We are happy to have chosen Eberstein Business Solutions. It is a team of young and professional people that are always ready to help resolve questions and problems that come up. Even though we have been working with the program for more than 8 years, from Eberstein Business Solutions’ consultants Martins Ebersteins and Pijus Juodis we have learned much more system usage options that helped us serve our customers in a more convenient and timely manner.

They are constantly organising trainings and seminars after which we always learn something new that we apply in our daily business. The desire of Eberstein Business Solutions’ employees to improve and pass the knowledge on to us leaves us very happy. I am confident that the enthusiasm will not fade away in the future and it will be a push for us to jointly take insightful decisions, quickly learn about innovations and achieve the set goals.”

Jūratė Vitkevičienė

Nepriklausomo audito apskaita UAB, CEO